Sponsors and professors' presentations

The new role of Spanish IGN-CNIG in a globalized world

Antonio F. Rodríguez Pascual

Bathymetry: Study of the underwater topography

Manuel J. Román Alpiste

History of stellar navigation

Josep Martí Ribas

The group "Microgeodesia Jaen": our research activities

Mª Clara de Lacy Pérez de los Cobos

The group SFT (Sistemas Fotogramétricos y Topométricos)

Tomás M. Fernández del Castillo

Geomatic studies: present and future

Tomás M. Fernández del Castillo

Participants' presentations

Spatial Information System for Gliders Airstrip in Bezmiechowa

Emilia Fryszkowska

Creating 3D MODEL of CITY by using ArcGIS

Nenad Brodic

Nazca Mapping Server

Arnost Müller

Applying Laser Scanning Data to Optimize Gauging for Freight Safety. Case Study: Laser Scanning of East Railroad line in IRAN

Shayan Nikoohemat

IGIS PROJECT in SERBIA, Sector for Remote Sensing

Nenad Brodic

Virtual Tour through the Main Hall of WUT

Natalia Kedzior

GEOBIA methods for LiDAR obtained point clouds

Ivan Tomljenovic

GIS technology as a tool supporting real estate appraisal

Barbara Czesak

Land-use mapping of urban areas with aerial images and LIDAR data

Txomin Hermosilla

International cooperation in the area of geomatics with the University of Ngozi, Burundi

Joaquín María Muñoz-Cobo Belart & Beatriz López García

IGSM 2011

Tom Holderness & Matthias Kunz

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