General Assembly Agenda

The General Assembly of the International Geodetic Student Organisation (IGSO) will be held on the 27th April 2012 during the XXV International Geodetic Student Meeting, Jaén, Spain.

The International Geodetic Student Agency (IGSA) of Jaén, the previous IGSA (Newcastle), the future IGSA (Wroclaw) and the Auditors of Accounts of IGSM 2011 should prepare their reports in advance to be presented at the General Assembly.

Members willing to host the XXVII IGSM in 2014 should contact the current IGSA (Jaén) and prepare a short proposal or presentation to be shown during the Assembly.

Organisations that wish to become a member of IGSO should nominate one of their delegates to prepare a short speech requesting membership for their institutions.

Existing members of the IGSO are invited to send items for the agenda in advance to the current IGSA (Jaén) or bring them forward at the General Assembly.

Items for Agenda

    1. Opening of General Assembly

    2. Election of the Vote Counters

    3. Report on the XXIV IGSM 2011 (IGSA Newcastle)

    4. Report from Auditors of IGSM 2011

    5. Approval of the Auditors' Report on the Finances of IGSM 2011

    6. Treasurer's Preliminary Financial Report for IGSM 2012 (IGSA Jaén)

    7. Approval of the Preliminary Financial Report for IGSM 2012 and the Statement of Accounts

    8. Appoint the Auditors of Accounts for IGSO 2012

    9. Appoint the next IGSA (IGSA Wroclaw)

    10. Presentation by delegates from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (IGSM 2013)

    11. Approval of the plan of work and budget of the XXVI IGSM in Wroclaw 2013

    12. Fixation of the Membership Fee and Participation Fee of the IGSM 2013

    13. Presentation by institutions bidding to host IGSM 2014

    14. Decision on the venue of the XXVII IGSM 2014

    15. Report on the Articles of Association and proposed changes

    16. Honours

    17. Admissions of new member institutions to the IGSO

    18. Any other business

    19. Close

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