The first IGSM (International Geodetic Student Meeting) was organized in the Netherlands by geodesy students from Delft University of Technology. The IGSO (International Geodetic Student Organization) was founded in the 4th IGSM in Graz, Austria. At the moment 80 member schools from 28 different countries belong to IGSO.

Previous and upcoming meetings:

1988 Delft, the Netherlands

1989 Bonn, Germany

1990 Budapest, Hungary

1991 Graz, Austria

1992 London, United Kingdom

1993 Prague, Czech Republic

1994 Bochum-Essen, Germany

1995 Warsaw, Poland

1996 Hannover, Germany

1997 Delft, the Netherlands

1998 Madrid, Spain

1999 Valencia, Spain

2000 Le Mans/Paris, France

2001 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

2002 Ljubljana, Slovenia

2003 Dresden, Germany

2004 Espoo, Finland

2005 Istanbul, Turkey

2006 Cracow, Poland

2007 Sofia, Bulgaria

2008 Valencia, Spain

2009 Zurich, Switzerland

2010 Zagreb, Croatia

2011 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

2012 Jaén, Spain

2013 Wroclaw, Poland

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